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Digital Sound Level Meter TES-1150
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Setting Rings, metric

Setting Rings, metric

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0094400400944004RM 288.00  273.60
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0094400600944006RM 288.00  273.60
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0094400800944008RM 288.00  273.60
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0094401000944010RM 288.00  273.60
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0094401200944012RM 437.00  415.15
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0094401400944014RM 490.00  465.50
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0094401700944017RM 820.00  779.00
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All prices/stock are subject to change so ensure that you contact us (+603-5621 5786) before ordering from us.

If stock is unavailable, the delivery/resupply terms is within 8 – 12 weeks.

  •   Used to set internal micrometers and three-point micrometers to zero.
  • Inspection report included

        A Uncertainty of engraved diameter
        B Cylindricity